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Why Are My Arms So Fat?

On June 14, 2012, in Saggy Arms, by jwatley

Early in my college career, I noticed my arms  becoming less athletic looking.  The toned biceps, triceps, and shoulders I once had were fading away under a layer of fat. My forearms and wrists were looking fat too. I hated the way my arm fat was starting to look so I consulted a professional about the sudden onset of fat mostly in my arms.

According to the doctor, there could be multiple reasons for this weight gain in my arms.  He told me it could be attributed to three things:

  1. Genetics – He asked me to take a long look at my parents, grandparents, etc. to see if flabby arms were a consistent recurrence in my family tree.  If genetics are the root of your arm fat problem, then it is not impossible to lose fat in your arms. It only means that you are more susceptible to saggy arms than others.
  2. Lack of Muscle Tone – One of the most common causes of arm fat, he said, was a condition called being “skinny fat”. Although one may be physically fit, the lack of strength training leaves you with very little muscle growth. The arm is all muscles, without toned biceps triceps and shoulders, your arms are going to look saggy and lack definition.
  3. Actually Overweight – Finally, we decided that my arms were getting fat because I was getting fat. My lack of exercise and poor eating habits in college caused my body to start to thicken up.  My arms were just the first place that made me uncomfortable about all this new weight gain.

My doctor’s advice was simple, diet and exercise, as they always tell you, but they are doctors after all! He explained to me the science behind spot reducing arm fat. He explained that while someone may experience better looking arms from targeting the arms in their workout, it does not always translate into actually reducing arm fat. He explained to me that overall fat loss would be my goal. Focus on that and change will come! I believed him, but I also believed there was a better way to burn my unsightly arm fat than just dieting and exercising, I needed a secret weapon!



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